Consignment With Caddy Corner

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Consignments are IN-SEASON clothes, that are freshly cleaned/laundered and on hanger. Sorry no boxes or bags. Hanging will keep them looking neat and make you more money.

Clothes should be IN-STYLE. Bought within the last two years are great! Better brands sell better.

CADDY CORNER CONSIGNMENT & BOUTIQUE sets the selling price and when an item sells, you receive 40%. 

Here is a general list of seasons:

January-February - spring clothing, prom (light weight fabrics)

March - July - spring and summer clothing (spring type clothing as well as shorts, tanks, and swimsuits, flip flops, sandals etc.)

August - year-round clothing (clothing that is not a particular season) and back to school (nothing with summer prints and no heavy fabrics)

September - fall clothing (darker colors, cords, light sweaters, and hoodies)

October-December - fall, winter and holiday clothing (all heavy fabrics, coats, heavy sweaters, gloves, hats etc.)

TIME-SENSITIVE ITEMS through the year include:


August-Back to school

September-Halloween Costumes

November-Holiday clothing

A list of the brands we accept are shown on the Women's/Men's/Children's & More pages